Black Brew Tea Refill

Black Brew Kombucha Tea Bags

A black tea kombucha recipe that ferments on your countertop.

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Delivers anywhere in Canada!

Premeasured portions of:

5 x Heyday Black Brew tea (2 teabags per pack)

sugar scoop

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The satisfaction of knowing that you will have another batch of kombucha ready to decant as you pour yourself another glass of kombucha can be yours! This Black Brew kombucha refill pack includes 5 batches (2 XL tea bags per batch) of premium carmelly black tea and a scoop to measure the sugar.

Contains tea bags to make 5 full batches of kombucha that will decant to be 3 liters each, that's tea for 15 liters of kombucha in this refill pack. And THAT is budget friendly.

As early as 221 BC, it was called “the tea of immortality”. To modern kombucha converts, it’s the elixir they reach for instead of more sugary beverages. You can pour kombucha over ice, or add it to your morning smoothie and evening cocktails. 

Ready to enjoy in just 7 to 14 days.

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