Easy Milk Kefir Kit

The Whole Kit with starter culture!

Everything you need to turn milk into creamy tangy milk kefir without the fuss.

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This Heyday Kit includes everything you need to make Easy Milk Kefir at home:

  • a 1 L glass Weck jar with a rubber seal glass lid and clips
  • a 1 L glass Weck milk bottle (optional but recommended)


  • 1 four-pack of Easy Milk Kefir culture - makes up to 28 litres of milk kefir
  • Easy to follow instructions

What is milk kefir? Tangy, creamy goodness, that's what.

Milk kefir is packed with over 30 different strains of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) and offers a miriad of benefits to your digestion and general well-being.

This kit gives you all of the benefits of making your own milk kefir without the fuss of traditional milk kefir grains. Ferment any dairy (or most non-dairy) milk in the beautiful Weck jar for only a day. Stir it up (with or without) fruit and drink it down daily. Start a new batch every day or two, usually by reculturing your last batch. It is so easy to have delicious, wildly probiotic milk kefir on hand all the time.

PS. The kids will love it!

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