Tenacious Tibi

The Whole Kit & Kaboodle

A flavoured, fizzy, Tibicos water kefir recipe. Ready in just 48 hours.


Delivers anywhere in Canada!

This Heyday Kit includes everything you need to make Tenacious Tibi at home:

  • a 1.4L Kefirko vessel with a 2-part straining lid
  • 2 x stout refrigerator bottles with lids

Plus, pre-measured portions of:

  • Hydrated water kefir crystals
  • 4x organic cane sugar blend
  • 4x second ferment flavour packages
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What is low in calories, high in probiotics and fizzes like champagne?

Water Kefir (Tibicos) – magically created by fermenting sugar water with water kefir crystals, a symbiotic culture created by nature. Like all live probiotic beverages, Tibi Water Kefir is loaded with beneficial probiotics that are known to help your digestive and immune systems.

The water kefir crystals convert sugar water into a naturally carbonated low-sugar drink rich in probiotics in a 2-step process, ideal to replace sugary soft drinks. Water Kefir can be flavoured in hundreds of combinations with any fruit, berry or botanicals.

The Tibi Water Kefir Complete Fermentation Kit includes everything that you need to make 4 x 1 litre batches of flavoured fizzy water kefir, including a breathing 1st fermentation vessel and 2 x 2nd fermentation bottles that are perfect for storing your finished water kefir in the fridge.

Ready to enjoy in just 24 to 48 hours.

Feels Good
  • 30 strains of probiotics
  • Concentrated with vitamins b12, b1 and b6
  • Full of magnesium folate, vitamin K, electorlytes and enzymes
  • Low in sugar
Tastes Great
  • flavour with fresh fruit or herbs
  • create your favourite mocktails and/or cocktails


What Kind of Sugar Should I Use?
Most popular types of cane sugar work for making water kefir, as long as there are no additive ingredients. Organic cane sugar, raw sugar, refined white sugar, and brown sugar are each suitable for different purposes.
What are the health benefits of Water Kefir?
Water Kefir provides probiotics, enzymes, easily digested sugars, vitamins, minerals and beneficial acids. Unlike Kombucha, it does not contain caffeine.
Is Water Kefir alcoholic?
Fermented drinks typically have trace amounts of alcohol, but normal methods of making water kefir produce roughly 0.1% ABV. This amount poses virtually zero risks of intoxication.
What strains of beneficial bacteria and yeast are in Water Kefir?
There are over thirty types of healthy, probiotic bacteria that may be present in water kefir. The many families of beneficial bacteria present in water kefir include Lactobacillus and Streptococcus.
How long will the kefir crystals last?
In theory, kefir grains have an infinite lifespan. With careful, proper care, the bacteria and grains will actually grow and may be reused indefinitely.

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