Tenacious Tibi Sugar Blend Refill

Water Kefir Sugar Blend Refill

Heyday sugar blend pouch and scoop for 20 or 50 perfect batches of Tenacious Tibi water kefir.

$9.99 - $19.99

Delivers anywhere in Canada!

Tenacious Tibi Refill kit includes:

20 or 50 portions of:

  • Organic cane sugar blend (organic cane sugar, organic palm sugar, organic date sugar)
  • perfect portion scoop
product attributes

Now available in bulk packs with the scoop that scoops up the exact right amount of Tibi sugar blend for your next batch. Choose between a 20 portion (1 kg) bag or a 50 portion (2.5 kg) bag.

The Heyday Tibi sugar blend combines the right proportion of organic cane sugar, organic coconut palm sugar and organic date sugar to ensure that your Tibi water kefir batches are getting the right minerals (not too much, not too little) to keep the crystals happy and producing fizzy probiotic water kefir.

Water Kefir (Tibicos) – magically created by fermenting sugar water with water kefir crystals, a symbiotic culture created by nature. Like all live probiotic beverages, Tibi Water Kefir is loaded with beneficial probiotics that are known to help your digestive and immune systems.

The water kefir crystals convert sugar water into a naturally carbonated low-sugar drink rich in probiotics in a 2-step process, ideal to replace sugary soft drinks. Water Kefir can be flavoured in hundreds of combinations with any fruit, berry or botanicals.

Each sugar blend proportion makes one batch in the Heyday Kefirko water kefir vessel, which makes 2 - 500 ml bottles of water kefir.

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