How we started...curious!

Heyday began as so many good things do: with curiosity. Our founder Margot had read what scientists were saying about the health benefits of fermented foods, so she decided to try making them at home.

She was surprised by how good they tasted, and started working on her own recipes.

Along the way, Margot learned that fermenting can be frustrating. The portions of food, the seasoning, and finding vessels with a tight seal and proper venting. Often, she’d try what she’d fermented and discover that it tasted bad, or that she’d used too much salt — which meant no probiotics.

Online, she found other fermenters and the canning community recommending wildly different tools and processes. Then, an epiphany. Margot realized that she wasn’t alone in her struggle to confidently ferment food at home. And, if she persisted and perfected her recipes she could help others get things right, every time.

Fermenting last!

After more research, a year of trial and error, and some invaluable consultations with professionals, Margot’s recipes were ready to share. But there was another problem. The equipment needed to prepare the recipes was hard to get, impossible to find, or of such poor quality that it wouldn’t last.

Determined to accomplish what she’d set out to do, Margot sourced the perfect fermenting vessels and accessories, and made plans to provide them along with her recipes as fermented food kits.

Today, those kits — and “Kaboodle” fermenting vessels — are available to order online from her company, Heyday Fermentables. Each kit includes pre-measured food and seasoning, and easy-to-follow instructions you can follow to make each recipe perfectly, every time.

Why snack on fermented foods?

Fermented foods are a natural source of fresh probiotics — something lacking in most North American diets. With good bacteria entering your gut regularly, your gut health will increase and you'll start feeling the positive effects. These can include improved physical and mental energy, reduced risk of disease, and easier management of other health conditions.

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