ViscoDisc Ferment Buddies - Dozen

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ViscoDisc Canning Buddies make canning and jarring easy and worry free! The Canning Buddies patented design always keep your pickled fruits and veggies submerged under the brine, ensuring your food stays fresh dramatically longer.

You won't have to worry about spoilage from oxidization, or discolored soggy pickles that 'bob' up at the top. These discs dramatically improve the shelf life of your preserved foods, saving your hard earned work and money! Many mason-jar lids yield themselves to rusting in root-cellars, thus spoiling your pickles and brine that reach the top... But with the Canning Buddies your pickles and brine make no contact with the top of the lid! So even if your lids do rust in the root-celler, ViscoDisc Canning Buddies will save the day!

ViscoDisc Canning Buddies come in 2 sizes - Wide and Regular, making them compatible with most mason jars! Each size ViscoDisc comes in a pack of a dozen.

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